Braitenberg Vehicle

In a small, seminal book titled Vehicles: Experiments in Synthetic Psychology, Valentino Braitenberg (1926–2011) – an admired neuroanatomist – describes a set of thought experiments in which agents with simple structure behave in human-like ways; Braitenberg blatantly put forward the hypothesis that the primitives for realizing such machines are cellular and synaptic processes that are amenable for physiological characterization. The reasoning and results presented in Shahaf et al (2008) make the realization of a Braitenberg’s vehicle that classifies objects in its visual field (using a large-scale network of biological neurons) a trivial matter. Such a Braitenberg’s vehicle is demonstrated in the above video clip that was prepared in Marom’s group by Danny Eytan, David Ben Shimol and Lior Lev-Tov.  A low resolution movie was published in the ‘supporting information’ section of the 2008 paper.

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