Cooperation with German Scientists

GIF and ERC Programs of Members of the OMC

  • Anat Levin – ERC (x 2)
  • Guy Gilboa – GIF (submitted)
  • Shie Mannor – ERC (x4)
  • Ron Meir – GIF (submitted)
  • Yoav Schechner – GIF
  • Nir Tessler – GIF (submitted)


Yonina Eldar

  • Fraunhofer – Technical University Ilmenau: joint spectrum sensing and direction of arrival estimation with Prof. Reiner S. Thoma, Anastasia Lavrenko  and Dr. Florian Römer.
  • Technical University Darmstadt: Dictionary learning from phaseless. Measurements with Dr. Andreas Tillmann.
  • Technical University Berlin: mmwave technology with Prof. Giuseppe Caire.
  • Fraunhofer Institute, Wachtberg: cognitive radar with the Adaptive Sensing and Perception with Dr. Maria Gonzalez.


Guy Gilboa

  • Munster: Spectral decompositions using onehomogeneous. Functionals with Martin Burger and Lina Eckardt.
  • Technical University Berlin.
  • Saarland University: Theoretical foundations for discrete forward-and-backward diffusion. Filtering with Prof. Joachim Weickert.
  • Universität Heidelberg.
  • Technische Universität München: Spectral decompositions using onehomogeneous. Functionals with Prof. Daniel Cremers and Dr. Michael Moeller.


Shimon Marom

  • Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg: Choreographing neural.
  • University of Konstanz.
  • University of Tübingen: with Dr. C. Zrenner.
  • Universität Freiburg: scientific advisory board of the Bernstein Center Freiburg.
  • networks: coupling attractor dynamics and state-dependent computations across biomimetic brain
    interfaces with neuromorphic VLSI with Prof. Jochen Braun.


Ron Meir

  • Technical University Berlin: Analytical Results for the Error in Filtering of Gaussian Processes with Prof. Manfred Opper.


Amir Rosenthal

  • Technische Universität München: optoacoustic Imaging with prof. Vasilis Ntziachristos.
  • Laser Zentrum Hanover: medical imaging with prof. Ludger Overmeyer.


Yoav Y. Schechner

  • Leibniz-Institut, Leipzig: Ground-based lidar measurements for the characterization of atmospheric particles with Dr. Dietrich Althausen and Dr. Holger Baars.
  • U. Freiburg: with Prof. Brox.
  • U. Stuttgart: with Martin Fuchs and Thomas Ertl.
  • U. Kostanz: with Prof. Deussen.
  • Technical University Munch: with Daniel Cremers.
  • U. Erlangen-Nurnberg: with Marc Stamminger.
  • U. Dresden: Carsten Rother.
  • U. Kiel.

Y. Zeevi

  • Technische Universität München.
  • Technical University Berlin: Machine learning with Prof. Klaus-Robert Müller.
  • Fraunhofer Institute, Berlin: 3D representations and mappings with Prof. Peter Eisert.
  • Bielfeld Universität: Robotic and Cognition with Prof. G. Sagerer and with Prof. Ulrich Rückert from the Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction
    Technology (CITEC).


Lihi Zelnik-Manor

  • TU Braunschweig: Computational Video with Prof. Marcus Magnor.
  • U. Freiburg.
  • Technische Universität München: Computational video with Prof. Daniel Cremers.