Fluorescent corals

We provide an account of: (1) advances in our knowledge of MCE ecology, including the central question of the potential vertical connectivity between MCEs and shallow-water reefs (SWRs), and that of the validity of the deep-reef refugia hypothesis (DRRH); (2) the contribution of the 2014 MCE workshop to the central question presented in (1), as well as its contribution to novel MCE studies on corals, sponges, fish, and crabs; and (3) gaps, priorities, and recommendations for future research.


Loya, G. Eyal, T. Treibitz, M. P. Lesser, R. Appeldoorn, Theme section on mesophotic coral ecosystems: advances in knowledge and future perspectives, Coral Reefs 2016.

Dana Berman, Tali Treibitz, Shai Avidan, Non-Local Image Dehazing, CVPR 2016 (spotlight), [Project page including PDF].


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