Undergraduate Summer Internship

One or two internships are offered for undergraduate students that are currently in an advanced stage of their bachelor studies in a German academic institute. The program is incorporated with IAESTE student exchange program, and candidates should apply to the IESTE program before contacting the Ollendorff center. Internship duration is 8-9 weeks. Applicants should have at least preliminary knowledge in signal/image processing, and must have excellent mathematical abilities. Programming in python/matlab is an advantage.

Some examples of past internships

2012 Viekko Ruth (ILMENAU Univ. of Technology): Improving Ricci Flow

PostDoc In Machine Learning

Hosted by Prof. Shie Mannor

Looking for a PostDoc. in the area of machine learning.
Candidate should have very strong mathematical skills and/or true hacking capabilities.
Contact directly Shie Mannor with your resume and a brief explanation of what you want to do if you are interested. More info.